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Formaldehyde Solutions

Formaldehyde Solutions

We have large production capacity to form aqueous formaldehyde solutions for our own in house consumption and commercial supply to industrial and commercial users.

  • Formaldehyde solution of 37% concentration
  • Formaldehyde solution of 41% concentration
  • Formaldehyde solution of any other concentration(s), please inquire with us!


Preservatives, Organic Dyestuff, Soil Disinfection Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Water Treatment & Filtration Plants, Textile & Leather Industry

Formaldehyde solutions are available in the following packagings:

  • 35 litre HDPE can
  • 208 litre HDPE drum
  • 1000 litre IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container)
  • 30,000 litre – 45,000 litre Vehicle Carriage (Bulk Load / Truck Load)